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AT&T AT&T $45 Refill Aritime Card

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  • Product Model : 28670
  • Brand : AT&T

AT&T Mobility $45 (Email Delivery)


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  • Model No.: 28670
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  • FlynBee
    at&t $45 plan at Walmart

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 05.12.2014


    Earlier this month I called at&t to change one of our prepaid phone plans and discovered that att now offered this new "$45 1 GB plan at walmart": for $45 a month you get unlimited calls & texts, limited international texts and 1 GB of data (addnl data: 500 MB for $10). Interestingly this plan is not listed on att / Go-Phone website! When I called att originally the intent was to get the $40 plan which offers 500 mins calls and 500 MG data. For just $5 more I was getting addnl 500 GB data so switched over. Works like a charm, no issues for iphone.

    Our other phone (iphone) is on $45 straight talk plan. Love that plan, but like most things it has its pros and cons.

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  • VickPA
    Best ATT Wireless Plan

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 07.04.2014


    I've had an ATT go phone for almost a year now. I love prepaid phones and I don't think I'd ever go back to a contract phone again.

    Before I purchased this plan I had the $60 dollar a month plan for almost a year. I loved it but due to financial reasons I needed to try and cut corners and decided to downgrade to a different plan. When I called ATT to make the switch I heard about the ATT $45 dollar plan offered only through Wal-Mart. The plan offered double the amount of data as the $40 plan and unlimited calls, which I've already grown accustomed to from the $60 a month plan. I was a little skeptical however, because I liked the ease of use of logging into my ATT account and just adding money. I have to say this transaction may actually be even easier than my usual top-up procedure.

    I just pay using my PayPal account and the Pin is sent to my email. From there I just add the Pin information on to my phone plus *888#, and my balance is immediately added. It was SO easy. And the plan offering is fantastic.

    I have to admit those people paying like $100 a month/ phone have no idea what they are missing.

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  • newtone79
    AT&T knows this is a good deal

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 07.09.2014


    ... that's why you can't get it in the AT&T store! I don't need more than 1GB data, so the extra $15 would be wasted. I probably don't need more than 500 min of talk time either, but limited minute plans are so 90's. So, if you're like me and you want to keep your current number, you must go into the store to port your number and purchase a plan first (they give you a SIM card, so don't buy one). After you are in the Go Phone system you have to call customer service (800) 331-0500 to get the Wal Mart plan. It's kind of a pain, but it's a good match for my usage and I will only have to do it once.

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  • pianoman1951
    This is a best kept secret

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 07.14.2014


    I am a go phone att customer who had the $35 500 minutes/unlimited text/no data plan and disappointed by the limited plans ATT offers on their site.

    So I called the CSR and was going back and forth about plans and getting ready to dump ATT when the CSR says "hang on " let me talk to my supervisor".

    She comes back and offers me this special Wal-Mart Plan, which I jump on.I have a Windows Phone, but dont really play games or use many apps, and only if I am out of WiFi range do I use the data for simple things, so one gig of data is plenty.

    This is a great deal and ATT doesn't advertise it, naturally, but you can snoop around and get it.
    The great thing is now its on my plan and I dont have to purchase a card every month and input the code.

    I was told this plan is not for sale in the stores, only on the web.

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  • Valueconsciousperson
    Best bang for your buck!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 09.07.2014


    I have purposely put off joining the ranks of smartphone users because of the cost. I had a basic flip phone from a very low cost provider that was horrible, but I tolerated because I was only paying $17 and change per month for 200 minutes. The phone was on it's last legs, and the provider screwed up the renewal again, and I just couldn't take awful service anymore. I bought the Nokia Lumia 520 to use with this plan. I love it! The phone call quality is amazing! I love that I have unlimited talk and text, and 1 Gb of Data. I am frugal, and find this to be well worth the $45.00. It's very easy to use, just don't try to renew before your renewal day, or it only loads as credit, not your plan. You can also sign up to have it automatically renewed every month. I definitely recommend the Walmart Exclusive $45 plan. In fact, it is the only plan that I would recommend for a value-conscious consumer.

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  • Shopoholic75
    Best Deal

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 10.02.2014


    I have put off getting a smartphone simply due to the expense of the phone/contract/plan. A friend gave me their Samsung Galaxy S3 and when I checked out plans, At&T was at the top of the list. The phone was previously on At&T contract service.

    I walked into my local Walmart, purchased the Sim"Bring you own phone" sim card kit for $9.98 and the $45 deal. ( it is a card you buy in the store, scratch off the code in the back and enter into your phone)

    It took all of 10 minutes to get everything going before I was making my first phone call. I have had the phone service for two days and no problems.
    I did purchase in the store and easily set up at home, so I can not speak for online purchase.

    This is perfect. I am around wi-fi about 90% of the day, so I turned the Data off on the phone. I plan to reserve it for traveling in case I need to use GPS or the web.

    Some competitors have better data plans, but the coverage in my area was best with At&T.

    I have no complaints and would recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable smartphone plan.

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  • JamisonRocks
    Playing the Waiting Game...

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 08.08.2014


    Great deal on the phone plan YES, waiting all night for walmart.com to get it together and email you your second email with pin...uh NO. I placed the order at 4 pm it is now almost 8 pm, I need the refill card stat and I wait and wait and hit refresh on email waiting. Yes it is tax free here, but next time I will pay the near extra two bucks via att to avoid LONG wait times. It would be worth it to have my account refilled immediately. My credit card was already charged and is pending meaning it accepted the amount, but still I wait... with nothing. Never Again. Ugh!

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  • sssexy
    no pin bought hours ago

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 08.06.2014


    It should not take so long to receive your pin for buying this card its been hours I guess I would buy days before I have to refill

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  • Jetthro
    Bring your own phone =NO 4G or LTE

    3 out of 5, reviewed on 06.24.2014


    I'd purchased an unlocked Galaxy Note III to take advantage of pre paid plans, but upon getting the ATT Go Phone plan which Walmart also offers, and which I am reviewing here, I was told by high level tech support people that ONLY ATT branded phones...those they sell, will get 4G network and above connections.

    So buyer beware. It's 3 or less on ATT networks unless you buy THEIR phones.

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  • Kentarby
    mixed review

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 08.14.2014


    The product was as promised, although it did take almost 48 hrs to receive the email with my code. The AT&T service on the other hand, was horrible. I switched from the $50 wifi only no data and unlimited talk and text to this plan. I would have saved $8 per month after tax. However, as soon as my plan was switched to data, I no longer had service - even in the AT&T store. We tried everything from restore to a different sim. After several days and many searches later, I found this is a known issue with AT&T, Andriod 4.4.2 ( UPGRADE ONLY) and Samsung devices. It seems that nobody is willing to take responsibility. Anyway, the product is great, AT&T not so much.

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  • ValuesGirl
    Great plan so far!

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 06.08.2014


    I decided to try the plan after learning about it. This is my first month and so far so good. I am familiar with ATT so quality has been great so far. Love the plan.

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  • vecdid
    Service has gotten worse since going to this plan

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 10.20.2014


    First off, taking two days to get the card after paying for it online is crazy. I will also note that my service does not work as well anymore. The internet seems slower than the non Walmart $60 a month plan. I have spent countless hours on the phone with ATT support and still not working in my house anymore and internet is much slower than the 60$ plan. Next month I will pay the extra 15 dollars again, because I think they throttle Walmart plan. You have to Call ATT to switch to the Walmart plan also, cannot do this through the card or system, you have to get a tech on the phone and tell them you bought the Walmart plan. So all and all worse service for 15$ less, I'll pay the 15$ next month and get the extra 1.5 gb and the 4 g LTE instead of the 3g speeds and horrible coverage with the Walmart plan.

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  • Odie043
    I saved $5.00 over ATT Gophone

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 07.19.2014


    I have a basic Nokia Windows Phone and was with the ATT $50.00 per mo. plan. I am now saving $5.00 and I have data!

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  • Tammee
    45 Plan

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 08.20.2014


    Great value and it beats the high phone price.

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  • SaJer
    Aweome Savings!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 06.03.2014


    It was a super easy process. I have been a Go Phone user for the past 2 years and I do enjoy their prepaid services. I was in Walmart and very happy to see that I can get Data save an extra $5 on my prepaid bill. I used the service with an older android and it worked just fine. One thing I must mention even though I activated my service, it wasn't making calls or sending texts until I called Customer Service to update to the new plan.
    Thank you Walmart!!"

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  • chevy1980
    Great deal for gophones

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 08.21.2014


    you get more for a cheaper price

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  • quartzlady
    Great Deal

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 07.19.2014


    This is a good deal and easy to load onto your phone. This is so much cheaper than going to the AT& T website and you still are using AT&T.

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  • Ramkgvn
    Great value..... Not even available at store

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 08.15.2014


    Great value..... Not even available at store

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  • Chuck1301
    great reasonable and tax free

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 06.28.2014


    This gives me everything I want unlimited talk unlimited text messaging and one gigabyte of data for my smartphone excellent buy good price

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  • Roadrunner518
    Great low cost plan

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 09.08.2014


    If it is your first time activating the $45 card, make sure you contact AT&T to make sure they have the correct plan on file. I had to call them about an issue and was informed I was on the old plan and she easily switched it over to the 1GB, unlimited talk and text.

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Questions and Asnwer for AT&T $45 Refill Aritime Card

  • Vesely
    Do you need to purchase the GoPhone Sim Card in order to use the GoPhone prepaid card? Or can you us
    Asked on 07.03.2014

    • PradeepReddy

      No, i am with at&t on month-by-month plan(since my 2 year contract over), i just called them & asked to convert my service to gophone. they just canceled my original plan & opened gophone account with the same details they have on file & charged my credit card for opening refill. just one call to them, that's it. the call might take 15-20 mins, since they will route you through tech support & go phone support etc...

    • FlynBee

      You have to be a 'Go Phone' customer to use this $45 plan. If you are one then you don't need another new SIM card, you just need to switch the go-phone plan to this one. If you have an at&t SIM card but its from the contract you have/had with att then you would need to switch to the 'go phone' SIM card. Call att or visit their store. Your phone # won't change, they would just move you over to go-phone service.

    • VickPA

      I believe you have to use a special GoPhone sim card. Mine came with my GoPhone. They say you shouldn't use a "GoPhone" Sim card with a regualar ATT Phone....but I think that is just a way to prevent people from all switching to Pay as You Go phones.

    • CommunityAnswer

      Yes, you will need to purchase a GoPhone Sim Card.

  • ab
    difference in the AT&T $45.00 plan and the Straight Talk $45.00 plan?
    Asked on 09.01.2014

    What are the differences in these 2 plans? They look identical but are they?

    • vecdid

      Straight Talk is unlimited and you wil most likely be Verizon or Tmobile, better hope it is not tmobile and ifthe service doesn't work, good luck trying to get your money back from Straight talk, worst customer service ever and they got me for 60% for a sim card, sent the wrong one and service did not work in my area was tmobile.

    • PradeepReddy

      1) You get better customer support from at&t compares to non-existent ST customer support. 2) ST uses proxy apn for their service which is SPOTTY at best when compare to direct service you get from gophone(just like at&t postpaid)

    • Nancyg30

      This plan worked for me BC I already have AT&T with go phone

    • CommunityAnswer

      Both of these plans offer similar features for $45.00.

  • JennaM
    is this plan for smartphones or basic phones?
    Asked on 05.12.2014

    On the at&t website it says its only for basic phones and here it says for smartphones . . very confused!

    • paulyman28779

      ok here is the deal with this specific card. as AT&T told me when I first started using it and did not have a data plan. This is a Walmart exclusive program. This card can not be loaded online or through the automated system. You must either have the people at Walmart load the card or speak to somebody from AT&T directly and let them know that this is they type of card you have. Otherwise they will simply load it as a $45 unlimited talk and text plan for basic phones and without data for smart phones.

    • ValuesGirl

      Call att and request the Walmart ATT plan. It is unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data. Also includes free text messages to 100 countries. You can add on to this plan i.e $5 for 250 minutes of time to select other countries (50).

    • ThePhoneCollector

      smartphones. unlimited talk, text and international text and 1 gig full rate data with the option to use as a hotspot

    • FlynBee

      Yes, I found it very confusing too. ATT has 2 plans at identical prices: a) $45 plan for non-smart phone - unlimited talk, text, 2.5 GB data b) $45 plan for smart phone - unlimited talk, text, 1 GB data This refill card will put money in your pre-paid account. What really matters is the actual plan you are on. You can find out by logging into your account online, or by calling att prepaid customer services, or if already on att prepaid then just dial 611 from your phone thats on att prepaid.