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AT&T AT&T $50 Refill

  • UPC Code/Product Code : 799366733560
  • Product Model : 12873
  • Brand : AT&T


  • You will receive a confirmation email from Walmart.com within minutes of successful order placement for this AT&T $50 refill.
  • A second email from walmartonline@e-deliverygroup.com with access to your PIN will be delivered within 60 minutes*
  • If you have issues receiving your email, go to the following webpage to access your purchase: www.walmart.e-deliverygroup.com. Enter your email address used to order on Walmart.com, your billing ZIP code and your Walmart.com Order Number (your order number can be found on your confirmation email from Walmart.com or in your Account Order History on Walmart.com).
  • To view frequently asked questions about this product visit www.e-deliverygroup.com/faq
  • Redeemable for talk time, text messaging, games and other pay-as-you-go services
  • Compatible with AT&T pay-as-you-go cell phones
  • Model No.: 12873
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 1.0
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: USA
  • Origin of Components: USA

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  • lking99
    Great value for the money

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 10.13.2012


    the $50 refill card for the at&t go phone is well worth the money. To begin you get 500 minutes added to your phone and that is for 90 days. then is you like to text like me, you can buy feature packages and still have money left on your account. I always buy the $9.99 texting package which gives you 1,000 messages. this card is alot more economic that the lower cards. I would recommend this card to anyone who likes to save money.

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  • Latindivina
    not what i expected

    3 out of 5, reviewed on 03.27.2012


    you get unlimited talk and text but not the web unless you dont have a smart phone

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  • RollaMo
    says 30 min delivery

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 08.06.2012


    been waiting 8 hours now and no email from them says after pay email in 30 mins if you need mins on your phone asap walk to the farthest store and then use pennies to pay and itll be faster

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  • mfair1969

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 05.26.2012



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  • Tlingit
    Great gophone!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 06.09.2012


    I got the gophone for my mother for mother's day! She loves it! So do I.

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  • lighthouselover1023
    Beats going to the store!

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 09.24.2013


    The response time for the AT & T Go Phone cards are extremely slow. I thought it would take less time then getting the car and going into the store to purchase. Still have not received my confirmation with my pin number so I can add my time.

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  • kerica

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 04.03.2012


    this site is so convenient, plus i still get the same great prices right at home!!!

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  • TheBuyer2332
    Internet didn't work

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 01.05.2013


    Ok so I did the $50 monthly unlimited plan and they stated I could get unlimited Internet, well the Internet never worked very upset

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  • Chervon
    Great that it can be emailed....

    2 out of 5, reviewed on 02.24.2014


    They shoud deliver within 30 min to an hour some people really need there refils other than that its ok but took to long to get..

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  • 4sis
    Quick and Easy!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 12.05.2014


    This is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to add minutes to your go phone. The code is emailed immediately and I love that you get unlimited minutes for three months.

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  • littlis
    not very good

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 12.08.2012


    I lost three days of service due to misinformation from the provider. the service is ok but the reception for the phone is lacking. The phone i bought feels like a rip off, trying to charge me for every app and has no connection to the pc. the att pantech phone was very disappointing

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  • moloshopper
    the automated system at at&t is not user friendly

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 11.28.2012


    several attempts to get through the old 'we are experiencing higher than normal ...blah ... blah' .... and the the pin card I print off the web site was almost unreadable... unless you have a microscope

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  • TWHD
    slow response to recieve said product

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 08.01.2013


    took forever to recieve the card to add minutes to my sons phone good thing this wasnt an emergency ,would never ever buy this again thru the online store

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  • djpetrik
    Great transaction

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 03.12.2013


    Fast processing and email delivery.
    The whole transaction and process of email delivery was completed
    in under 10 minutes.

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  • OKOrder
    ATT Phone Card Email Delivered

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 08.29.2012


    Be prepared that it takes a little while for your card to be delivered via the email delivery option, I expected it a bit quicker, however, the description stated you may wait a couple of hours...or something similar to that. Once delivered it worked just like purchasing a card, put in the code and time was on the phones (I did 2 cars for 2 diff phones).

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  • Anij

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 09.09.2013


    This is a fast and easy way to refill your AT&T account. I received an email confirmation with my pin in less than 30 mins. Though, I should note that the email was sent to my "spam" folder rather than my inbox.

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  • soulofme
    love it

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 01.12.2013


    this is wonderful! love buying on Amazon!! to get this in moments worked fantastically. only better would be to get the new $65 ATT would be even better!!

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  • tripat
    Easy and fast.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 06.30.2014


    I received the PIN with minutes of purchase.

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  • fishbean
    just what we wanted

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 12.23.2012


    we were looking to get another cell phone for my son without having to pay a big monthly bill for a plan, especially for all of the fancy features on the phones that we did not want. we got this "go phone" which meets our expectations as far as price goes & what we can do with the phone. besides, the main thing is my son likes it and that is all that matters to me.

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  • all0980
    Very Convienent

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 02.28.2013


    I haven't bought a card in the store in over a year now. Usually within an hour, I have my pin number sitting in my email. I live 20 miles from my nearest WalMart, so it saves a lot of money. $55 including tax, unlimited calls, text, and internet AND when I call customer service, 99% of the time I can understand the person I'm talking with! Will never use another prepaid company.

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Questions and Asnwer for AT&T $50 Refill

  • harleywiz
    can i use an apple i-phone that was given to me with a prepaid AT&T card?
    Asked on 07.10.2012

    • OKOrder

      Too many unknowns, is the i-phone unlocked, was it affiliated with another service provider prior to this, check with ATT they will be able to give you the quickest and most accurate information.


      I had the same question because a friend was going to sell me their old phone from upgrading to the new iphone 5. From what I was told you have to get regular AT&T contract service (or not contract - not prepaid though) Im not sure how accurate that info I was given was, but best way to know for sure is to contact AT&T and ask them

    • A1Z9

      if your phone is not connected to a carrier like AT&T and is jail broken or UNLOCKED.

    • A1Z9

      if your phone is unlocked or 'jail broken' it will work with for talk and text with a prepaid AT&T card, but not data.

    • Sweetpeacm06

      Hi Harleywiz, No, unless the iPhone is "unlocked" (which people can now buy on the Apple site).....and you have inserted an Active(has a phone number) ATT prepaid SIM card.

  • kay94
    When I purchase this card will it last all month?
    Asked on 02.12.2012

    When I purchase this $50 unlimited card will the unlimited talk, text, and data last all month?

    • OKOrder

      This is not unlimited data! Unlimited talk/text will last you for the month or 30 days from the day you do the refill if you choose that option for your plan.

    • A1Z9

      unlimited talk and text--yes no data

    • special123


    • notsureofthis

      you have to change your rate plan by dialing 611 and dealing with the nice robotic voice. if you do this once, you can set up an automatic renewal as long as you have the 50 in your account on time