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  • Trundle Wheel

    Trundle Wheel

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    Now it's easy to measure longer distances using the metric system! Counter clicks each meter so students see and hear the measurement. Easy-grip handle adjusts for various student and teacher heights. Non-slip rubber tire for

  • Labeling Globe

    Labeling Globe

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    Customize this write & wipe globe to enrich geography, history, literature and social studies lessons. Locate and label continents, bodies of water, countries, trade routes and more. Features no printed words, perfect for asse

  • Time Tracker Mini

    Time Tracker Mini

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    Set the Learning Resources Time Tracker Mini and go! You and your students will reach for this super-simple timer to support a variety of classroom activities.

  • Time Mat

    Time Mat

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    Reinforce time-telling skills kinesthetically in five-minute increments. Features removable, color-coded, plastic clock hands, four inflatable dice (red for hours and blue for minutes), 20 question cards and Activity Guide. Mat ca

  • Jumbo Insects

    Jumbo Insects

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    With the Learning Resources Jumbo Insects set, your child can develop oral language skills through imaginative play. This seven-piece set features beautifully detailed play figures.

  • Hearall


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    Hear way beyond! Authentically assess students' skills and participation in small groups. Designed with 4 omni-directional microphones to capture clear recordings with dramatically reduced background noise. Play back, download

  • Gallon Guy

    Gallon Guy

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    Helps students visualize and manipulate liquid measurement concepts. Head, gallon and color-coded units snap together. Teaches equivalencies, addition and subtraction. Features grommets for hanging and Activity Guide with blacklin

  • Fraction Balance

    Fraction Balance

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    A great tool to demonstrate the rELAtive value of fractions and practice adding, subtracting and converting fractions. This balance also allows students to check their work as incorrect equations will not balance. Pegs are color-c

  • Let's Tackle Math

    Let's Tackle Math

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    Make patterning as much fun for students as playing in their own backyards. This 252-piece counter set features 108 bugs, 72 worms and 72 frogs to sort by color, shape and size. Also includes a 25-page, spiral-bound Activity Book

  • Attribute Apples

    Attribute Apples

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    Compare apples to apples with this unique set! Sort and classify apples by five attributes, including size, color and physical features (stem, leaf, worm). Includes 27 apples and Activity Guide featuring suggested uses of Venn dia

  • Double Duel

    Double Duel

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    Learning Resources Double Duel is a high-speed homophone game that requires sharp listening and vocabulary skills. Double Duel engages players with buzzers that each make a different sound: honk honk, boxing bell, doorbell and boi

  • Time To Learn

    Time To Learn

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    There's no better time to learn the alphabet than now. Each letter is represented by a figure that begins with that letter.

  • Answer Lights

    Answer Lights

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    Count letter sounds and syllables or use for multiple-choice classroom games! Features four connected lights (red, blue, yellow, green) that tap on and stay on until turned off. Each light is labeled with both a number and a lette

  • Answer Buzzers

    Answer Buzzers

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    Entertain your children while they gain knowledge with these Learning Resources Answer Buzzers. Each one features different sounds, including a boxing bell, doorbell, horn honk and a boing. This item makes learning fun and engages

  • I Can! Stamps

    I Can! Stamps

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    Put your stamp of approval on student achievement! Illustrated jumbo stamps include encouraging "I Can!" statements that correspond to ELA and Math Common Core State Standards (I can write letters, I can count to 100 and m

  • Our Dream House

    Our Dream House

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    This beautiful, fully furnished house features three floors of cozy comfort—the perfect setting for hours of happy family playtime.

  • My Town Rug

    My Town Rug

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    There's always lots to see when you are in town and plenty of opportunities for young imaginations to enjoy creative play.

  • My Neighborhood

    My Neighborhood

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    Your children can zip around the streets of the small town, greeting neighbors and visiting all their favorite sites with this adorable Learning Carpets My Neighborhood rug. It is soil and stain resistant and made of 100 percent n

  • Hop To It!

    Hop To It!

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    Classic hopscotch never goes out of style! Toss a stone, coin or bean bag and hop your way through the numerical maze.

  • Giant Road

    Giant Road

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    Travel here, there and everywhere via the giant roadway. Wind your way through the rotary and 1 and 2-way traffic, all around the town.