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  • Soccer Team Manager [windows 98/me/xp]

    Soccer Team Manager [windows 98/me/xp]

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    Lead your team to victory in the Super League, the toughest conference ever! Buy and sell players, set ticket prices, upgrade the club stadium, negotiate with opponents, sign big sponsor contracts and more. And don't forget to

  • Search And Rescue 3 [windows 98/xp/vista]

    Search And Rescue 3 [windows 98/xp/vista]

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    Do you have what it takes to be a hero?  Experience the thrills and excitement of day-to-day search and rescue missions as a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter pilot! Learn real-life USCG rescue procedures as you progress in rank and com

  • Search And Rescue 2 [windows 98/xp/vista]

    Search And Rescue 2 [windows 98/xp/vista]

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    Take control of a Dolphin HH65 helicopter assigned to the U.S. Coast Guard! Learn to fly your craft and experience the thrill of daring search and rescue missions. With a highly realistic physical flight model, adjustable weather

  • Scooter Rally [windows Xp/vista]

    Scooter Rally [windows Xp/vista]

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    It's scooter racing to the extreme!  Deliver death defying stunts in this crash 'em, smash 'em action game! Show off your skills as you tear through crowded streets, even using your scooter as weapon, if necessary. Cho

  • Pacific Air Warriors [windows 98/xp/vista]

    Pacific Air Warriors [windows 98/xp/vista]

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    Action-packed aerial combat! Following the brutal attack on Pearl Harbor, a new battleground arose in the skies over the islands of the Pacific Ocean. Now it's your chance to join the American forces as they battle Japanese Ze

  • Extreme Rally Racer [windows Xp/vista]

    Extreme Rally Racer [windows Xp/vista]

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    Get ready to rally! They may look like ordinary cars...but they don't race like them! With more power, speed and control, you'll blaze around the track in this World Rally-inspired game. But watch out for dangerous opponen

  • Extreme Fishing 3d [windows 98/me/xp]

    Extreme Fishing 3d [windows 98/me/xp]

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    Enjoy realistic environments and extremely addictive gameplay as you pursue a wide variety of fishes, each with its own unique behavior, in 28 locations all over the world! Prove your skills in an international fishing competition

  • Air Rush [windows 98/xp/vista]

    Air Rush [windows 98/xp/vista]

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    Feel the rush! On the strange and primitive world of Aeros, the jungles and deserts that cover the planet teem with savage beasts. But within this prehistoric environment the people of Aeros have made remarkable technological proc

  • Air Attack [windows 98/me/xp]

    Air Attack [windows 98/me/xp]

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    Destroy enemy targets in a fight for survival!  When the Russian nationalists start an attack against the West, you must take on the role of a fighter pilot in the air force of Britain, Germany, or the United States. It is your du