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  • Compact Infrared Heater/Fireplace

    Compact Infrared Heater/Fireplace

    3,95 from 5 20 Reviews

    The Lifezone Compact Infrared Heater not only adds a warm, cozy element to your home, but is ideal as a secondary heat source for any room. It features three different non-combustible heating elements that provide soft and even he

  • 4 Element Infrared Heater Black Cabinet

    4 Element Infrared Heater Black Cabinet

    4,05 from 5 20 Reviews

    This Lifezone 4 Element Infrared Heater will provide supplemental warmth when there is a chill in the air. The four infrared heating elements offer soft, even heat distribution, warming nearby objects and people in the rooms used

  • 20 Tower Infrared Space Heater

    20 Tower Infrared Space Heater

    4,39 from 5 18 Reviews

    A Lifesmart Lifezone series 20" tower infrared space heater is an excellent choice to use as a supplemental heating source during the cooler weather months. It is equipped with three vertical quartz infrared elements that prov