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  • StarterLogg, 48-Count
  • Creosote Buster Firelog

    Creosote Buster Firelog

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    Keep your fireplace or wood-burning stove clean with this Pine Mountain Creosote Buster Fire Log. It is recommended for use every 40 fires. The fireplace log is designed to remove and treat dangerous creosote buildup. It is a simp

  • 3-Hour Firelogs, 6-Pack

    3-Hour Firelogs, 6-Pack

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    Create a warm, inviting home with these Pine Mountain firelogs. The fast lighting Qwicklite technology makes it easy to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Pine Mountain logs are greener and burn cleaner, producing up to 80 perce

  • 9PK SGL 3HR Fire Log

    9PK SGL 3HR Fire Log

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    9 Pack, Single, 3 Hour, Traditional Fire Log, Burns 80% Cleaner Than Real Wood, Brighter Fuller Flame, Patented Clean Burn Technology, Quick Light, New Concentrated Formula, Time Release Technology For Optimal Burning, The Perfect