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  • SK93C Skel-A-Mingo Pair - Pink

    SK93C Skel-A-Mingo Pair - Pink

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    Now just 4 years old these skel-a-mingos are the real first change in flamingo technology in over 50 years- Our exclusive skel-a-mingo has been the buzz in the flamingo industry- A pair of scary - bony black flamingos with a white

  • TUR 1 33'' TurkeyMingo Stand - Pink

    TUR 1 33'' TurkeyMingo Stand - Pink

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    Very Popular - A ''Must Have''- TurkeyMingo stands and comes complete with outfit- One per box- Height stand: 33'' SKU: PINKI008

  • PP163 Party Pack Flamingos

    PP163 Party Pack Flamingos

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    Testimonial can be for any occasion: birthdays, graduations, retirement, block parties, etc- Includes:- 1-Pair of gorgeous Traditional Flamingos with yellow and black beak/Salmon Pink Body- 1-Parchment Testimonial that can be for