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  • 4LB Canola Crush

    4LB Canola Crush

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    4 LB, Canola Crush, Combines Both High Palatability & High Protein To Create An Attractive All Brassica Blend Your Deer Will Crave, Blend Of Canola, Turnip & Forage Rape Is Both Nutritious & Hardy, Covers 1/2 Acre.

  • Deer Cane Apple

    Deer Cane Apple

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    Apple flavoring and UV enhancement bring our tried and true Deer Cane to the next level.

  • Throw and Grow Crush Spring Mix

    Throw and Grow Crush Spring Mix

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    Throw and Grow Crush Spring is sure to help meet the increased nutritional demands of the deer during their critical antler development stages.

  • Roasted Corn Freaks Liquid

    Roasted Corn Freaks Liquid

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    The innovative attractant contains twice the protein and triple the fat of regular ole corn. The mix of whole kernel corn, soybeans and proprietary ingredients produces an aroma deer simply can’t resist.

  • Dirt Bag Dried Molasses

    Dirt Bag Dried Molasses

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    This powder is packed with nutrients and is sure to attract and hold deer in your area. With the taste of molasses that appeals to the deer's keen sense of smell and their taste buds. The color and texture of the powdered attr

  • Alfalfa Plot Mixer

    Alfalfa Plot Mixer

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    Alfalfa Plot Mixer is a custom seed additive that will optimize your food plots. They can be planted alone for personal hunting plots or mixed with two to 10 pounds of your favorite food plot to optimize your growing results. Adds