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  • z300 Sniper

    z300 Sniper

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    The JT SplatMaster z300 Sniper takes the JT SplatMaster fun to a whole new level. The z300 increases distance to over 120', which is sure to enhance your game. The paintball sniper gun comes equipped with an adjustable stock t

  • z100 Magazine

    z100 Magazine

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    If you're ready to up your Splat Master game, look no further than extra z100 Pistol Clips. Holding up to seven rounds is great, holding multiple magazines is better. For more fun, pick up a couple extra z100 Pistol Clips and

  • Target Tree

    Target Tree

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    This JT Splatmaster Target Tree is for use with all JT Splatmaster products, allowing you to use your current equipment for target practice. This Paintball Tree has six targets for improved marksmanship that you can hit to spin th

  • z200 Marker, Red

    z200 Marker, Red

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    Enjoy a rousing game of paintball with this JT Marker Splatmaster z200. This play marker in red features exceptionally smooth quick pump action that allows you to shoot your target accurately. The action marker includes game play

  • z100 Pistol Holster

    z100 Pistol Holster

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    The JT Splatmaster Velcro Gun Holster will holster your JT Splatmaster z100 pistol when it is not in use. This z100 pistol padded holster is extremely sturdy and it is built to last. It will help protect your pistol from bumps and

  • z100 Pistol Clip

    z100 Pistol Clip

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    Never run out of ammo with the JT Splatmaster z100 Pistol Clip on the range. This ammo clip holds seven rounds of JT Splatmaster ammo, so you can quickly reload your pistol. The JT Splatmaster z100 Pistol is the ideal fit for this

  • z100 Marker, Blue
  • Optics Mask Upgrade, Black

    Optics Mask Upgrade, Black

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    Are you ready to take your game from target shooting to playing player versus player games? Well, that's easy and safe to do with the addition of the JT Splatmaster Optics Upgrade system. Each Optix Upgrade package comes compl

  • Nuke Bunker with Target

    Nuke Bunker with Target

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    The JT Splatmaster Nuke Inflatable Bunker with Target provides the versatility you want to get in the game. This paintball bunker features a water stabilization chamber that will keep the bunker upright during impact. The bunker i

  • Marksman Target

    Marksman Target

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    Practice your marksmanship skills in safe style with the JT SplatMaster Marksman Target. You can get ready, aim and fire with a splat to mark the spot. This is a durable bullseye target that stands over 3' tall and features a