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inComm Animal Jam (Email Delivery)

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  • Brand : inComm

National Geographic Animal Jam is an exciting online playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. Players create and customize their own animal characters and dens, socialize, play games, complete quests, and feed their curiosity about animals through access to the vast multimedia libraries of National Geographic. Animal Jam is a safe and fun place to explore online, and it inspires children to explore and protect the natural world outside their own doors!


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  • sparky2002

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 01.10.2013


    It was fast easy and got it wihtout a kitch and my daughter was able to play right away. I would totally do it again

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  • Slwilliams
    daughter loves it

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 02.03.2013


    animal jam is one of my daughters favorite online game and when she got money for xmas she just had to get this card for membership and to get the arctic wolf charachter that she has been wanting for so long . the game is fun for her and educational as well!

    Helpful? (109) (13)

  • mccammon78

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 01.11.2013


    Email response was quick & the kids LOVE this game!

    Helpful? (96) (18)

  • jesussaves010203
    Good deal

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 01.07.2014


    I couldn't find this card online for sale anywhere else.
    They email you the code so you can start playing in an hour or two!

    Helpful? (41) (3)

  • JammersGrandpa

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 02.21.2013


    If you have a Jammer in your house, this will save you a trip to the store. It was simple to order and came quickly by e-mail. They provide you with the code you need, so an actual card is unnecessary. You can get your arctic avatar with little fuss.

    Helpful? (41) (7)

  • Destiny13
    Great Way To Purchase This Gift Card

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 10.30.2013


    Quick and Easy Purchase of This Gift Card; Received Confirmaton E-Mail With Assigned Code Within Minutes of Purchase; Highly Recommend

    Helpful? (30) (5)

  • Popmuzik84
    Great gift !

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 01.12.2014


    I could not find the Animal Jam gift card , so I ordered it online , it was delivered to me by e-mail , within about five minutes , my daughter was very excited to get this gift card , great buy ,thanks !

    Helpful? (25) (4)

  • TiffanysPapa
    Great , safe, online, educational, game for kids.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 10.15.2013


    This is the easiest way to renew w/o going to the store.

    Helpful? (22) (4)

  • wolflover666

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 10.03.2013


    My child loves this code because of his love for wolves(hes insane for wolves)i highly suggest this wonderful code.Also it go's to helping the endangered wolves that need our help!

    Helpful? (12) (1)

  • Stuckathomemom
    Fun and safe social game for children

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 03.18.2014


    Animal Jam (Email Delivery) has been a "life Saver" for me and my home bound son.
    Although this product can be found in stores,sometimes the gift card I am looking for is not in stock. Ordering online is convenient and I don't have to leave my son. Thank You Walmart!

    Helpful? (12) (1)

  • xena3x

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 05.29.2013


    I could never find the cards in the store; ordered 2 online for my girls as birthday gifts. Got the passwords faster than expected. They love it & play every day during summer (weekends only during school year).

    Helpful? (12) (2)

  • akfwrflaf
    Arrived Quickly and access was easy

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 07.13.2013


    My kids earned a special treat so I bought them the Animal Jams 3 month subscription. I loved not having to go into Walmart to make just a single purchase as it never turns into just one thing. Access codes worked easily. Kids love the game.

    Helpful? (9) (1)

  • NEMom1977
    Nice Gift for Kids

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 03.15.2014


    My 9-10 year old daughter really enjoys the time she is allowed to spend on this website. It is safe, and she is able to interact with her friends and others while being monitored. As a "cheapskate", I find the cost of this card ($15.99 for 3 months) to be a decent value for a gift or for my daughter to save up her allowance to earn. After year of membership, she is till interested, which is really saying something.

    Helpful? (17) (0)

  • Liroch
    Granddaughter gift

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 01.03.2014


    My granddaughter is registered on Animal Jam. Enjoys it therefore this type of gift is welcome and appreciated.

    Helpful? (9) (3)

  • committo
    membership animal jam

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 06.11.2013


    We got the activation code within 10 minutes and my kid start playing right away. she got the animal that came with it which she loves.

    Helpful? (7) (3)

  • ooldshoe
    The only place to find this was on Walmart.com

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 10.29.2013


    Excellent service from Walmart.

    Helpful? (6) (1)

  • Megberries
    Awesome game for kids. Highly recommended.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 07.11.2013


    Kids LOVE this game. You are a hero if you buy this.

    Helpful? (5) (1)

  • AgentMoocow
    Went into Spam mail.

    2 out of 5, reviewed on 04.10.2013


    For a few days I waited for this product to come in only to find out it went in to the mass of my spam mail. If you are having troubles getting your code than check your spam. Otherwise, everything worked out nicely.

    Helpful? (9) (7)

  • wishywashy
    Great way to pay for a great children's game

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 06.22.2013


    Since this is for my great-granddaughter, I have to say it's well worth the price. Animal Jam is a safe and excellent online game for children. I never have to worry about what she's playing or seeing when she plays Animal Jam. This way, she has a 3-month membership and again, I don't have to worry about it for 3 months. Thanks!

    Helpful? (3) (0)

  • Hmommy15
    Quick delivery - happy daughters!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 08.29.2013


    Animal jam is a favorite of my two girls and they wanted to spend their own money to buy this e-mail delivery membership. So they gave me their cash and I purchased two memberships, in separate orders, for them. I had great results with both orders. It only took about 15 minutes to get each code, which was redeemed easily using the provided link in the e-mail. Both girls were happy to be playing instead of driving to the store to get these cards!

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Questions and Asnwer for Animal Jam (Email Delivery)

  • parent
    Does it give the code?
    Asked on 12.28.2012

    If I buy this product for my kid, who is obsessed with Animal Jam, does it come with the code to enter on Animaljam.com? Meaning, Does it give the code to get the Arctic Wolf online?

    • Horselovers22

      Yes it will give you a code.I would suggest you write it down so you remember! After you get your code, you write down the code then go to www.animaljam.com/membership .After you go to that site, click on the code box in the upper right hand corner and type in the EXACT code . then, you log on to your account and you get the membership!

    • kcmom72

      Yes, the code will come to your email and can use the Arctic Wolf same day online.

    • bailmint

      Yes, it emails it to you.

    • Maggietaa

      You will recieve an email with a PIN number. In that email will be a link to activate that pin number or code. It's very easy just click on that link and put in your code (Pin) They explain to you what happens next.

    • LisaBA

      Yes, you get the code to get the Arctic Wolf, and it extends any existing membership for three months.

    • mamawbarb

      yes..she was playing the next day

    • mccammon78

      Yes, it will send it to them as a gift after they log back in.

    • sparky2002

      Yes, if you buy on line the code is sent to your e-mail with in 1 hour. Mine didn't take that long and my daughter could use it right away that night. I to have a daughter who is obsessed with Animal Jam

    • Dmef234

      Yes I purchased for my daughter and you receive a code via email and when entering code you can apply it to your existing animal jam account and you receive 15,000 gems and Arctic Wolf Avatar, and 3 month membership.

  • JLB
    Will it extend 3 months to an existing full membership?
    Asked on 01.16.2013

    My Daughter already has an existing account. She thought she could get any animal she wanted but realized afterwards that the arctic wolf was only through a specific 3 month membership. Can she use this to extend her existing membership (6months) to a 9 month membership? Thanks

    • babyzombie

      Yes it will, I have bought three cards within two months and they added up to the membership perfectly!

    • wishywashy

      Yes, it extends an existing membership by three months. I had an existing membership and quickly found it was extended by three months.

    • bailmint


    • Maggietaa

      It adds 3 months onto your current membership.

    • LisaBA

      Yes, it extends the existing membership, I checked the Animal Jams website before I purchased the Arctic Wolf.

    • mamawbarb


  • mikee
    Does this card give 10 diamonds?
    Asked on 09.22.2013

    Does this card come with 10 diamonds. Enough for an arctic wolf or any other 10 diamond animal?

    • Madcat5832

      Yes, the E-Mail delivery comes with all the Gems the card would come with.

    • jesussaves010203

      The animal jam sent out an email stating that all their 3 month cards that you purchase in the store like target,walmart ( even online purchase ) and game stop will now come with the 10 diamonds. I purchased one last month and my son was able to go to the diamond shop and pick out how he wanted to spend the 10 diamonds.

    • Incrediblerabbitsmom

      A new game change. None of the gift cards automatically give the epic animal on the card. It gives the membership time, any promised bonus gifts or gems, and diamonds. The jammer must go to the diamond shop in Jama land and click the lion statue for any desired animal he wishes. The card adverises an animal and there is enough diamonds to purchase the animal on the card. Now they just give the jammer a choice to purchase that animal or an animal of equal value or anything else in the diamond shop or he can save the diamonds.

    • ha23

      yes and no

    • ooldshoe


    • wolflover666

      yes it dose i've ordered this item 4 time i know it give the user 10 diamonds