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Murray 24 Rear Engine Riding Mower

  • UPC Code/Product Code : 043033564576
  • Product Model : 13B326JC758
  • Brand : Murray

Get the power of a riding lawn mower in a compact size with this Murray 24" Gas-Powered Lawn Mower. Its straight-forward design offers easy-to-reach controls and a convenient six-speed shift on-the-go drive system. With its 24" deck, this Murray lawn mower is easy to store in a shed or garage. Its telescopic steering column is designed to make tight turns easily. A built-in oil drain tube helps make maintenance of this rear engine riding lawn mower easy. The included mulch kit allows you to grind up grass as you cut it, and the 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine provides plenty of cutting power even when dealing with longer grass and weeds. This unique gas-powered lawn mower comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • A good choice for lawns of just about any size
  • Enhanced power
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Long life
  • Simple on and off switch
  • Comfortable telescopic steering column
  • Tight turning radius
  • This Murray lawn mower has a compact size
  • Oil drain tube for easy yearly maintenance
  • This rear engine riding lawn mower comes with a mulch kit
  • Convenient six-speed shift-on-the-go transmission
  • Briggs & Stratton 190cc Professional Series engine
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Primary Color: Red
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: 13B326JC758
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 340.0
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 64.0 x 34.0 x 26.0

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  • HaveTrumpetWillTravel
    Excellent small rider. Good value. Now pros/cons

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 03.18.2013


    Bought to mow a gently sloping 3/4 acre. Pros: Easy assembly, started right up, well-suited for smaller yards. PTO (blade) engagement is as gentle as any I've used, no bogging down. Same goes for the transit speeds: can shift-on-the-fly with clutch/brake pedal half-way down. Very comfy and user friendly. Light weight so you can push it easily without starting. I am 6'4" / 220 lbs., it fits me well. Cons: Engine has no speed control, very small fuel tank; if there is an oil drain-plug #can't find it# you can't get to it. On the plus side, the B & S OHV engine is around 8 h.p., it would be good to be able to do oil changes easier though, plus be able to throttle down. This one runs a constant 3,200 rpm until taxed, then it throttles-up. #Have a tachometer/hour meter on mine that I added myself#. All in all a very decent U.S.A. made mower at a nice price point.

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  • tryingtomoveon
    Fantastic riding lawnmower for small yards.

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 04.11.2013


    When I first saw the lawn mower I came close to changing my mind. After going ahead and making the purchase; I found that it was a very good decision. Our last Murray lawn mower, was twice the size of this economy model, maneuvering around the yard was difficult and many flowers were lost due to the tightness of the pathways. This mower made all of the turns and the hurdles of the past were easily cut around. This was definitely a great deal, I just wish it had a headlight so I could use it after dark.

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  • NameWithheld331
    Even though a good deal, don't waste your money

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 06.03.2014


    I really thought that this would be a good mower for my purposes. It was for the first time I used it. As soon as I put my second tank of gas in, it would not start, at all. I put a trickle charger on it, but the battery was fine. So I found out that the larger (20 amp) fuse was burned out. So I replaced it. While not difficult to replace, you have to take alot of things apart on the unit to access it. (removed the seat, removed the gromets, removed the handle of the shifter so that you can remove the plastic housing, unhook the battery and unhook the ignition cable. Again, while not hard, just time consuming. So again, replaced the fuse, was able to start it once, but it conked out and fuse was blown again. Went through the same process, taking everything apart, and putting back together.

    Finally I've called tech support and they're sending me some sort of relay cable that that they think might be bad. Supposed to be here in 5-7 days. It's 7 days now. So, here I am with grass growing and have only been able to use it once in the three weeks that I've owned. it.

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  • Mowerjockey
    Great for small lawns such as mine.

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 05.12.2013


    The mower has a small fuel tank and after running out of gas a few times the engine is nearly impossible to restart without putting gas directly into the cylinder to get it to fire up and start. I believe the problem is priming the fuel pump on this Briggs engine. I wish that the engine had a fuel line squeeze ball or finger push primer. Its nearly impossible to drain oil so you must purchase an oil vacuum pump. Also some sort of hitch would have been nice. I found that you cannot go into reverse while cutting blade is engaged, the engine will stall out This mower was advertised as shift on the go but the manual strictly forbids this action. The operation levers are awkward but I'm learning. On the good side the engine has all the power I need as I weigh 300 lbs and cuts without strain, turn radius is good and enjoyable overall to operate. This is our first rider of any kind. We are now retired and this machine makes a world of difference in our lawn care needs for its size.

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  • MDeasternshore
    Buy something else

    2 out of 5, reviewed on 04.27.2014


    Was looking for a smaller mower for a 1/2 acre lawn that would fit in my garage and turn better around trees. This looked like a great solution. The website says it come with an adjustable steering column, mulching kit and oil draining kit. What I got was a unit that was covered in bird excrement...could have at least wiped off an $800 purchase...no mulching kit, no oil draining kit, no adjustable steering column and a battery that was undersized, a year old, and deader than a doorknob. The mower also has no choke, can't pull anything and I could never get to run. I put a charger on the battery and it would no hold a charge...date on battery shows it was built over a year ago! The only good thing was that Walmart took it back and apologized for selling me what turned out to be last years model. Paid $200 more and got a Troybilt similar model at Lowes. It also came with a free pull behind trailer.

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  • TWS63
    Tractor doesn't seem to exist to Murray.

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 04.15.2013


    What a nightmare! I called The dedicated Murray help line Walmart lists on it page. I gave the gentleman that answered the name and model number of tractor. He could not find anything on this tractor its like it didn't exist. I went to the Murray home page itself typed in my model number and a picture of the tractor came up with a number to call. The gentleman from Murray also knew nothing about this tractor and even went as far as to ask me why i called this number. I said because Its a Murray tractor this is the Murray website it shows the tractor on the website but you know nothing about it. UNBELIEVABLE. Then he wanted to give me the Number for TORO! It looks like you either have to remove engine or buy siphon pump to change oil in this thing! For some reason the drain plug is between the engine and the frame. They should have stamped a hole in frame where plug is to allow a socket to get to it. Also no hitch to pull a small wagon or grass seeder.

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  • SummervilleSC
    Mulch Kit for Mini Rider model 13A326JC058

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 12.18.2013


    My father purchased this mower and he really enjoys it! But he wanted a mulching kit. So after a lot of phone calls to Murray and many Google searches I found a mulch kit model number 19A30015000 which is currently (12/2013) available from Murray at 1-800-828-5500 for $30 plus shipping. I don't know if Walmart carries this kit, but wanted to share this information for anyone looking for a mulch kit for this model.

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  • SUFM
    Does the job

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 05.01.2014


    I am 65 years old and not able to push a mower anymore, especially during summer. But I only have a small yard and a 30 or 42 inch riding mower would be more of a hinderance instead of a help. This mower fills the bill. My mower is a new 2014 model so some of the comments made by others may not apply. There is a battery with my mower (a little box mounted on the left side of the frame). And if you read the instructions they give you all the information you need including the fact that you need a siphon to clean out old oil. A siphon came with my mower. Murray was sold to Briggs & Stratton who sold the rights to the name and to manufacture the mower to MTD. So if you have a problem you should contact MTD. But the number one issue I have seen with other reviews is they didn't READ THE MANUAL. The only problem I had was a missing rubber mount which MTD is sending me.

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  • DoctorJM
    great lil mower

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 04.14.2014


    Keep in mind this mower is designed for small yards!!! Great mower, put on seat and steering wheel, connected battery cables, added gas and oil, mower was good to go. Mine did come with mulcher, I see where some did not, can't explain or complain about that mystery. I have slight decline in yard, so I found myself sifting my weight because it felt like I was going to tip over, but expected due to design of small riding mower. Still saved myself time and pushing effort by using mower, no buyers remorse here. (Purchased on 10 Apr 14). I'm sitting here thinking of a reason to give it a 4 star just because I always think theres room for improvement in everything, so I giving it a 4 star due to oil draining issue, some came with syphon mine did not, can't win them all.

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  • marvelousmike
    great mower for an average side yard.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 04.04.2013


    The mower is great. I got this for my dad, who is 76, and he still enjoys being outside. This is what he wanted for his birthday.

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  • Roushman99

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 04.21.2013


    Seems to be a good little mower.. Just got to get used to cut line on discharge side, it is further in than most, No drain for oil, and no throttle control. I am 6'1" @ 300# and we get along good. Besides the few cons there, its a good little machine !

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  • intharuff
    Parts not available!!!!!

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 05.09.2013


    This little mower did a decent job the first two times I used it. After that it struggled to start (the battery is "baby small"). Also, you cannot get parts for this mower. Blades and such are not available at the store, at Lowes or Home Depot, at specialy mower shops (told me they have tried ordering and can never get them) and even at the Murray/MTD dealers and manufacturer line. The mower has a good price point, turns well and is attractive if you don't need a big mower, but not this one. Stay away.

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  • 203lawn
    Great beginner riding mower

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 04.18.2013


    Been using push mowers to cut 1/2 acre lawn, and finally I needed to purchase a ride on mower. This was a good value, cuts great and takes me 15minutes to cut grass, rather than 2 hours. It's a good buy, and very affordable.

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  • taxidermynut
    Great little mower

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 04.15.2013


    For a yard that is to small for todays Garden Tractors this mower is the ticket. With a 24" mowerdeck not only does the job in no time, the whole machine is narrow enough to get through my gates without having to take down some fencing. Glad I purchased this machine.

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  • Mowerstuff
    Better than expected

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 05.04.2014


    I had a riding mower that I purchased from Sears over 15 years ago and it still ran great but I moved to a property that requires a slightly smaller blade. I was somewhat reluctant to buy the Murray 24" mower but after reading reviews on it I thought I would take the chance. When I got it home I made sure it had oil and I fueled it up. After hooking up the battery (two simple slide on connectors) it started right up. It doesn't have a throttle control so the engine runs at full RPM all the time but the engine is actually pretty quiet and it's not an issue. The gear selection is simple and described as shift on the fly but I always stop it to change gears. The turning radius is really good for tight areas as well. I've only used it twice but so far I'm impressed with the performance and for the price I'm not sure I could have done any better.

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  • buggs1958
    riding mower murry

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 03.02.2014


    I have had both knees replaced and wanted something that would be easy to get on and off of,this mower was perfect,it does the job just as good as any larger one,I would recommend this to anyone who has difficulties getting on and off a rider,and wants a great machine.

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  • nebraskahandyman123
    niffty little mower

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 04.16.2014


    Two years ago my mom bought a 28 inch rider from sears she hated it. The controls were hard for her to operate and use and it turned like a lumber wagon. We were in our local walmart and seen this little murry rider and checked it out.From the looks it seemed perfect. Weve only ised it once so far but its a fun little mower to use,plenty of power it toook me about 20 minites to have it ready to mow.Mpms only complant is getting it out of nuetral to forward but i tokd her i could fix that with a little filling o the plastic. She was so excited to try it, turns on a dime and gives you a nickles change. Im so glad walmart is stocking murry mowers again. Seems this little red mower was designed with the elderly in mind.

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  • Rsgreene12
    Easy to assemble easy to use

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 04.22.2014


    Ordered with free site to store-Very well packaged and 10-15 minutes to assemble-Also the 2014 models DO have a mulch plug and a oil siphon kit so if your local walmart has last years model just order online with free shipping to store.Nice little mower for a smaller yard.

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  • initdeep
    Riding Mower

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 05.27.2013


    Pretty good mower, does turn a little to sharp and could tip if going to fast, but keep your speed slow and your fine. Hate the fact you can't mow in reverse, does have plenty of power and can go though some pretty tall grass.

    Doesn't have a mulcher kit but does cut clippings pretty small, best speed is at 2 if your yard is kind of bumpy. Happy with mower.

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  • sunny1971

    3 out of 5, reviewed on 04.08.2013


    this mower is to hard for a short 74 year old woman to use, can't use clutch and shift lever at same time. please move shift higher on left or right would help. great mower for younger or taller person.

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  • darkskinkracker

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 05.21.2016


    Bought the 24" mini rider today, easy to assemble and Walmart had it on clearance for $400. Thought I'd give this thing a shot

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Questions and Asnwer for 24 Rear Engine Riding Mower

  • Loupat
    Is putting in reverse while motor is running easy
    Asked on 04.23.2014

    • Andy

      I noticed in the answer section that someone stated that you must come to a full stop to shift to another gear. This is only true when going from forward to reverse or reverse to forward The mower will not cut in reverse and the blade must be disengaged to move in reverse. Shifting up and down in the forward gears can be done while moving.

    • CommunityAnswer

      This will not mow in reverse.

    • tryingtogrowgrass

      It does not mow in reverse due to a safety switch on the blade control

    • SUFM

      Shifting requires you to bring the mower to a complete stop (even for shifting to a higher gear). You may have to engage the parking brake to shift gears. Although after breaking the mower in you may not have to engage the parking brake.

    • Hensarling

      Absolutely, just dis-engage the PTO I've gotten into that spot.

    • TNeal5345

      Yes you can put inreverce as easy as forward but the blade must be off for safety reasons.

    • JohnEV

      Yes, just press in clutch and move lever in front of seat. Note mower blades must be disengaged or engine will shut off.

  • rums
    is the seat adjustable on the 24'' riding mower
    Asked on 04.21.2014

    • CommunityAnswer

      Yes the seat is adjustable.

    • tryingtogrowgrass

      Yes it is

    • SUFM

      Yes, lift the seat up, remove the bolt and move the seat forward or backward. If the seat comes off the rails, reinsert carefully and then adjust the seat, insert the bolt and tighten.

    • Hensarling

      I'm 5'11" lots a leg and all the way back is good.

    • MowHelp

      Yes there is a bolt on bottom of seat that allows forward or back adjustment of the seats position.

    • Rsgreene12


  • macqueen
    does this mower come with the starting battery?
    Asked on 03.30.2014

    Specification description indicates no battery with the mower.

    • SUFM

      Macqueen: Yes the mower comes with a battery 12V, a little box on the left side of the frame under the seat.

    • nebraskahandyman123

      The one we just bought came with a battery it does take a special charging cord that os available from murry the parts number is listed in the owners manuel

    • CommunityAnswer

      Yes, the Murray 24" Rear Engine Riding Mower includes the battery for the electric start Briggs & Stratton engine.

    • Bandit442

      Yes, this mower comes with a battery fully charged and ready to go. (BE sure to buy a battery charger for it). It does not have a built in charging system.

    • ACE1952