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Neato 40 Rebate Available Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy Robotic Vacuum

  • UPC Code/Product Code : 810841010270
  • Product Model : 945-0041
  • Brand : Neato

Robotic vacuums are not to be used as a primary vacuum. They're meant as supplemental cleaning between regular cleaning. The Neato XV-21 is equipped with onboard Room Positioning System (RPS) technology, a revolutionary system developed by Neato Robotics that combines laser vision with mapping. With RPS technology, the robot uses its laser to see its surroundings and create accurate maps of areas to be cleaned, including furniture, objects and doorways. The robot constantly updates its map of the room, so if a new object is added into the room during a cleaning run, the robot will add it to the map.


  • Primary Color: Gray
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Battery Type: Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Model No.: 945-0041
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 18.0
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 13.0 x 14.0 x 5.0
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: Imported
  • Origin of Components: Imported

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  • ricky elmes

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 09.07.2015


    Good product

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  • rlee333

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 11.14.2014


    Let me start by saying I have owned 4 roombas over the years. 3 vacuums and the scuba floor washer. I liked them but the improvements seemed to be in scheduling and not much improvement in the cleaning ability...a yet I would purchase the newer models in hopes of a better clean. So I checked out the newest model, new rubber brushes making cleaning the brushes an easier task...and I will tell you the time cleaning those brushes at times took as long as if I had vacuumed the room myself. When I saw the price...$700!...I decided to look around and see what else was out there.
    The first thing that caught my eye was a youtube video showing the comparison between the neato and the irobot...a massive difference in what the units would pick up. My next question...would it last? My last roomba lasted about a year which really ticked me off. When I called the company they gave me a "deal" on another unit which lasted about six months before dying. I was tired of spending money on the better batteries to make it last longer for a unit that would last about a year...just enough time for the warranty to expire...I started using the regular vacuum again.
    So I checked out the prices on the Neato and found a great deal here at Walmart $140 off the regular price! Got the unit the night before a really busy day at work and started charging right away. When I got home exhausted I put the unit to work. I had read reviews about the noise but I found the unit was no more noisy than the roomba and in fact was a less annoying noise. The dog barked at it for a minute and then ignored it. I had the charger tucked in a corner and didn't expect the unit to find its way back but it was the only logical place for it...then I fell asleep in the living room chair. I woke up at 4 am and started searching for the unit...I was used to finding the roomba under my queen bed usually just out of my reach. When I didn't see it I checked the charger and there it was, back in place and fully charged again...I was shocked. Next I emptied the dust bin and found it was STUFFED with debris much beyond what I expected. I have wood floors and low pile woven carpet so dirt shows quickly. I emptied the unit and sent it out again to cover the same area...again the bin came back stuffed! Next I sent it out to tackle the bedrooms with similar results. Once it got stuck under a chair and had to be rescued...no problem, I will reverse the chairs on the dining room table next time.
    The biggest difference between the units...aside from price is that the Neato has an actual vacuum whereas the roomba is strictly a sweeper. I didn't think that would make so much of a difference on my type of flooring...I was very wrong about that.
    Although the run life between charging is much less in a Neato, I found the intelligence of the unit and the way it cleaned was much more logical and efficient than the roomba and did in that shorter time as much or more than the roomba did with up to 3 times longer. If the roomba hit a fringe in a rug...game over. The Neato backs off the fringe and untangles itself. It did once stop when a 1 inch wide cloth strap got stuck...my fault I thought I had gotten it out of the way. One reviewer mentioned it didn't go over saddles well...I found no issues and was surprised to see it navigate over a large saddle at an angle after it couldn't get over it going straight. As far as the unit not lasting more than a year..I got the 3 year contract with Walmart, I don't care if they send me another refurbished unit as long as it cleans as well as this one. I have used the unit now 4 times and haven't even looked at the brushes for cleaning...with the roomba I HAD to clean them after each use.
    So even WITH the 3 year contract I got this unit for HALF the price of the newest roomba and am much happier with this unit than I have been with ANY roomba.
    I will go as far as to say this unit is more efficient than my regular vacuum and although there will always be areas it won't get to...nothing that a swiffer or a dust buster won't handle.
    irobot has lost a long time customer...I'm a Neato fan now.

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  • wildanimalpark
    Great until.... the LCD screen quits

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 04.30.2014


    The robot is great until it dies at 15 months. The LCD screen is going blank on many of these so it is a known problem but Neato is not doing anything about it. If it happens in the first 12 months they will send you a refurbished one that has a 90 day warranty. If that LCD quits you now own a $300 anchor.

    Seek vacuums that last longer for your money.

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  • countrygirlintexas
    Not sure at this point!

    3 out of 5, reviewed on 09.28.2012


    I had trouble from day one. I called and got help and that worked, then it quit on the fourth day. I am awaiting a new one now. They have been very kind and says this rarely happens, so I am giving it a second chance. I will have to review it again once i get the new one.

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  • grumpyalso
    slow and lost

    2 out of 5, reviewed on 12.10.2012


    It had a great suction but it got stuck under/around chairs. It would just go in a circle completely lost. I spent more time putting it back on track than it was worth. Took back to store for refund.

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  • SueStudio
    Smart Designed Vacuum

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 12.26.2012


    Given the many chioices for a robotic vacuum, the Neato XV-21 is the one to get the job done in a systematic manner while integrating energy-efficiency.

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  • mortoncr
    Amazing technology!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 09.02.2012


    The XV-21 exceeded all my expectations. I could not believe the dirt it removed from my carpet right after a thorough vacuuming with my Dirt Devil upright. It cleaned closer to the room perimeters than my upright. After the third week, the dirt bin did not fill as quickly, but I think it will take two more weeks of weekly cleanings before it can vacuum the entire home with out overflowing the dirt bin where I need to empty it during each charging session. It runs about 45 minutes on a carpeted area (roughly two rooms or 300 square feet) before requiring a 3 hour recharge, so it takes about 12 hours to vacuum my entire 1400 sq. ft. home. After about 5 weeks I should be able to leave it unattended (no longer emptying the dirt bin). If there is a drawback, it is having to frequently empty the dirt bin the first month since it is more efficient than any vacuum I ever owned and is extracting 9 years of dirt in the carpet that my other vacuums failed to remove.

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  • Pamstress
    worth the money...works better than roomba

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 08.29.2012


    I still can't believe i dropped this much money.....but it is well worth it. Very high tech little gadget. cleans VERY well. easier to empty and keep clean than roombas. you will not be disappointed.

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  • kymberlyjeka
    confused robot

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 10.10.2013


    We did heavy research between this product, consumer reports, roomba, and the other competing models. This seemed like the best machine for several reasons: pet hair, features, durability, reviews, and design.

    We we're totally let down. Upon running the device for the first time it kept getting stuck under furniture and since it was scanning the room to a program and we had to keep moving it, it became confused and started to keep vacuuming the same areas over and over, never going to another part of the house and then eventually wouldn't leave the dock to vacuum at all even after a reset and attempting to work with Neato customer service. They want you to send them video which is fine but it seems like that was going to take forever to resolve.

    After enough disappointment and realizing we could have swept and moped the floors twice by the time this thing barely covered the living room, we decided to return it. Just seemed like more trouble than its worth even though we wanted it because we knew we'd be busy with the new baby and with pets you must sweep weekly at least. We gave it several fair chances.

    Let down.

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  • LoveJoyPeace123
    a little pricey but does everything it claims.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 12.31.2012


    Neato has a shorter running time than I expected, about 25 minutes then it returns to the charger, recharges over 30 minutes then off again starting where it left off. It did that three times to cover six rooms. When completed, it returns to the charger. I believe we will become friends.

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  • missging
    We love our new Neato (Nellie). She's a workhorse!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 03.08.2013


    My husband and I bought the Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy Robotic Vacuum a couple of weeks ago and she has become a part of our household. We call her Nellie and she cleans for us twice a day. It's absolutely amazing at the hair and dust that she is still picking up from our floors (and I thought I was a pretty good house cleaner). We do have both cats and dogs so we needed the pet and allergy vacuum. The folks who clean for me on a monthly basis were very impressed with the work that Nellie had done before they got to my house this past week. I gave her 5 stars because so far that's what she has earned...sorry I didn't know about this product sooner. Another plus is the easy-to-clean canister that catches the dust and hair. Nellie is my new best friend.

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  • Nannie49

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 11.15.2012


    I am very pleased with my vacuum. No more pet hair! Can't wait until they start selling robots that do the rest of my cleaning for me. Only problem I have is that sometimes it gets confused and gets a little to friendly with my floor lamp. I just have to pick it up and put it back on track but other than that, no problems.

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  • K1C2

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 12.20.2012


    I have a long hair cat and dog that shed constantly. The Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy Robotic Vacuum has been the best investment since I purchased my laptop.

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  • RapidTest

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 12.22.2012


    Purchased this to deal with the constant shedding from 3 dogs. My home has a combination of wood floors, area rugs, and throw rugs. After 2 weeks of daily use it does works as advertised.

    It's set to clean daily, however it does get 'stuck' at times requiring me to clear it's path or to clear it's brush, hence I don't leave it alone. I'm not so sure it actually follows an organized pattern, if it bumps up against a retrieved toy from the basket it may go around it, over it, or just turn around to vacuum another area. When it does get stuck, it will shut down and beep, if you can't get to it right away it will shut itself down.

    It does get under furniture very well, the dust bin is easily emptied, battery lasts about 2 hours of continuous cleaning, the boundary marker is pliable enough to be curved, when it needs assistance the display will say please and thank you. Maintenance on the brush is same as an upright. Unlike the upright vacuum, none of the dogs bark at it, instead they ignore it. Yes, it is noisy, but not as noisy as my Hoover upright if left on for an hour. I haven't noticed an scratches or other marks on the wood floor from using it, nor has it sucked up a throw rug because of a loose string.

    During the first couple of day of use the dust bin had to be emptied a couple of times per cycle, now it's emptied at the end. It doesn't pick up every bit of dust, my upright still gets a weekly workout but the house feels and looks cleaner. For me, Gladys, (yep I named it) was a good investment.

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  • CardboardJedi
    Tiny little Decepticon to do my bidding

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 11.10.2013


    in 2004 i purchased a gen 1 Roomba, thinking it would naturally do what this Neato actually does. to my chagrin it was programmed only to drive in circles till it can find a shoelace. it went back asap. fast forward to 2013? i have to say i am impressed, not 100% mind you but my tiny killer robot has earned his keep. after a few weeks of careful scrutiny by myself, my wife, the cat and the dogs i am comfortable leaving him on autopilot. all i do is empty the bin and pat him on the optics. on my overall rating i gave him 4 stars on value just because he did cost quite a bit, yet i don't feel bad about spending the money really for what i got. 4 stars for durability because we've only had him a month.
    THE GOOD: he does tend to go over the sames areas a few times, miss others, but over the course of the three scheduled cleanings i'd say he gets better than 95% of his assigned area. he picks up dirt, fur, kitty litter, grass, etc, doesn't miss much. keeps it from ever having the chance to drift under the furniture or into corners. he made a big deal of going around the table and chair legs too, showoff. he really earns his paycheck on my hardwood floors and tile.
    THE BAD: he does a great job on carpet too, though it really burns the battery fast with med thick carpet. i just keep those rooms boundry'd off. yes he sounds like a jet turbine, but that's why i set him to clean five minutes before i leave for work m/w/f.
    In short, he's a great time saver for us. would buy again :)

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  • RedRobot8
    works well, sometimes gets stuck

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 11.11.2013


    We let this loose, and it came back with a bin full of dust, even when the place looked fairly clean, and it's sure a lot easier than doing it with a manual vacuum cleaner! However, it does sometimes get itself stuck in tight corners, so it can't really be left completely without supervision except in rooms with simple geometries. So... kind of like a dishwasher -- a lot better than doing it by hand, but you might still need to clean the occasional dish.

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  • DannyDanni
    Great product

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 02.04.2013


    I have been very pleased with this product. It moves slowly and thoroughly vacuums. The nap on the carpet looks new after the vacuum is done. It also moves easily from hardwood to tile to area rugs and over heavier door mats and does an excellent job on these surfaces also. It picks up the dog hair and does a good job on the edges against the walls or furniture. I love using it in the bedroom. I just lift up the bed skirt, turn it on and close the door. When I come back it's all vacuumed including under the bed and the vacuum is back charging again. I'm amazed at how much it picks up. My only suggestion would be to make the lint/dirt collection box a little larger. And an added benefit is that it doesn't scare my dog like the regular vacuum does.

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  • Cyclonengineer
    Disappointed with the replacement

    2 out of 5, reviewed on 04.23.2014


    When I first got the Neato XV-21 I was fascinated by it's ability to navigate through chairs, around objects, and otherwise to a great job of vacuuming the house. I'd leave it upstairs for a week and then move it downstairs in order to keep the whole house clean. Then the display died.

    Sent it in for a return and Neato sends a slightly older version of the XV-21 (I didn't even know there were older versions - but this one didn't have the battery power switch)....they also had a newer firmware version....and it is abysmal. While the first one could do the whole house and maybe get lost once - this one can't do 1/2 a room. Gets stuck on walls (yep, a wall with nothing around - it'll back up into it and then stop). After a string of 10 emails/calls with their customer service, I'm losing hope. Keep away - unless you end up with one of the good ones.

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  • Ncdgh
    Best purchase ever!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 12.07.2013


    I absolutely love love my neato soooo much!!! I'm a full time working wife and this has taken one of my chores off the list! It works extremely well! I have thick hair down to my low back and it picks up hair, dirt, dust and everything in between! I was sooo surprised the first time I ran it.. It covered my entire 1600 sq ft home and went from my tile to carpet to bathroom rugs whith no problem! I even tested it- after it vacuumed my house I went over my carpets with my cyclonic vacuum and nothing came up! I couldn't believe it! My mom bought the roomba and she is returning it for a neato because the roomba hardly picks up anything. The neato also goes in a methodical pattern so when I come home it looks like a freshly vacuumed . It is a little loud but I don't mind because I appreciate the power of the suction- I just turn it on and go to work!!!

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  • ThisWarrantyisawaste

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 05.07.2014


    I bought my current XV21 exactly 13 months ago with a 3 year extended warranty. It was awesome for the 1st 6 months and then it all of a sudden now after running a cycle it dies before finishing and the power light is half illuminated with unresponsive buttons, so i have to unscrew the battery compartments and unplug both batteries then it powers on and I have to reset the clock.

    I called Neato and they said they would send a replacement and I would pay a $25 fee. I said well I have an extended warranty so I'll just use that since there is no added fee. Well needless to say I have sent it to Asurion 3 times while waiting about 3 weeks each time to get the unit back in seemingly worse condition (dirty and more scratched) with the exact same issue. I run it 1 or 2 cycles and it is half lit power requiring a battery pull and reset.

    So then I call Neato and the rep says I am 30 days past the 1 year warranty even though i called 4 months ago and they don't have any options for replacement. I said, "So I paid $380 for a small vacuum that worked for less than 6 months? When I calculate the 2 times a week for 6 months that I ran it I paid over $10 a use. Unbelievably the Neato rep actually said "unfortunately these vacuums don't have a long life." Well, I have a Roomba that is 5 years old that does my office and although it doesn't clean as thoroughly nor is as intelligent as my Neato it has gone over 500 cycles and hasn't even had the battery changed. So a durable Roomba cleans better than a smart but unreliable Neato that consistently doesn't work.

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  • TAZ674
    Stopped working after 7 days.

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 03.15.2013


    Although I enjoyed seeing the particle trap fill up, I didn't like that it repeated it's path quite often; Not very efficient for battery life. More times than not, it seemed to wander aimlessly. Im thinking if you had a square room with very few pieces of furniture, it might do okay? It also does not suck the dirt close to the walls. AND LASTLY...... It flat quit after one week of use!

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Questions and Asnwer for 40 Rebate Available Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy Robotic Vacuum

  • MQ
    I read it can clean a room up to 15x15. I have a room that is 28x16, will it clean this size?
    Asked on 04.22.2013

    • Midnightpotter

      Yes, it will clean a large area, but it may have to recharge at the base station once or twice to clean the whole area.

    • LandscapingLady

      I have a large open floor plan house. It cleans 4 of my rooms but can't find the other 2. I set it in those rooms and tell it to spot clean. It runs for about 45 minutes then return to charge for about 2 hours. Then it resumes again.

    • ThisWarrantyisawaste

      yes but it is very slow and may also have to recharge where a roomba would do it much faster so you have a loud robotic vaccum noise from a roomba for an hour or a neato for 4-5hrs

    • Mantarey20

      It will do it but it'll charge halfway thru and finish

    • Cowmama10

      I have a room about this same size and it cleans all of it, sometimes it divides the room into sections and does each section.

    • Momx3jobs

      I personally don't know why it would not clean a room that is 28x16. It might divide the room into two sections and clean it that way.

    • 67Ragtop

      It cleand a 16x60 mobile home with no problems.

    • Mystere

      It cleans my whole house and I have 6 rooms and a bath. It just goes to base and recharges when the battery is getting low. Then when recharged, it takes off again and goes right to where it left off and continues until done. Two of my rooms are about 14 x 24.

    • psharley

      I will, but it may take all day. 30 mins per run, took 6 hrs to clean part of my 1400 sq house ( did not get to all of the floor).

  • MtnMomma
    de-tangle feature?
    Asked on 05.31.2013

    One more question about Neato...does it have a de-tangle feature? I have an area rug that is fringed on both ends and don't know if I'll need to fold the fringe under. Thanks for any help with this.

    • Midnightpotter

      I have a carpet runner in my hallway with fringe at both ends. My Neato XV-21 has no problems negotiating it and going on its merry way.

    • ThisWarrantyisawaste

      it handles tangles better than a roomba but can still have difficulties with fringe and other spots that the roomba doesnt

    • RedRobot8

      I have an area rug with short fringes that it had no problems with.

    • Scamper1000

      I am sure you will need to fold the fringe under as "James" tried to eat a sock he found under the bed.

    • Momx3jobs

      No, it does not have a detangle feature. I would recommend picking the area rug up before vacuuming starts or try tucking the fringe under. If anything gets tangled in the neato, it will stop working and signal to you that it needs detangling. I hope this answers your question.

    • ksuzz

      NO... I do not recommend this vac for area rugs with fringe. it will sometimes get stuck on fringe and will eat it away over time. Yes, you will have to fold it under (not easy on a 9ft wide rug...)

    • JRS118

      You will need to fold the fringe on the rug under. If the robot does get tangled in any loose fringe it will shut itself off and wait for you to fix it. It will then resume its pattern. I have had mine catch the fringe around my bedspread a few times. I have learned to perform a few path clearance chores before the robot is set to clean. Shoes on the floor need to be picked up, socks etc, and make sure the dogs peed pads are well within the margin of the magnetic strips. The bedspread fringe has to be flipped up on the bed.

    • 67Ragtop

      Don't think so. I would fold the fringe under the rug.

  • george
    how long does it run on a charge
    Asked on 03.30.2013

    • LandscapingLady

      Seems to run about 45 minutes before it returns to it's base to charge for 2 hours.

    • ThisWarrantyisawaste

      varies widely but mine might run for 30 mins on average and it takes a long time to run through its cycle. definitely want to only run it when people and pets are away from the average size home for more than 6-8hrs

    • Mantarey20

      Some say 90 minutes mine is around 45-60

    • Momx3jobs

      It runs about one hour on a charge, then goes back to its station and recharges for about an hour and then sets off to finish the job. If it needs another recharge before the job is finished, it will go back to its base and recharge again. The manual states it will do this up to three times.

    • 67Ragtop

      It takes a few cycles before the battery builds up to full. At first it did a little over half the area and then went to recharge. After a week it did the whole area on a single charge. Sorry I didn't time it.

    • psharley

      30 min max, I got replacement batteries from the company and they didn't last any longer. Stick with Roomba, they run for at least 70 min on carpet.

    • mjd57

      35 to 50 min depending on how dirty the floors are.

    • RonenR

      Hello gorge Its around 30 min for this model divce