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  • UPC Code/Product Code : 817739010176
  • Product Model : 118374MI
  • Brand : RhinoGear

This RhinoGear 10-Qt Oil Drain Pan makes for less mess oil changes. Built-in handgrips provide ease in carrying and pouring when recycling. There is a plug-saver screen to retrieve the drain plug. This drain pan is made of tough, high-density resin.


  • For less mess oil changes
  • Built-in handgrips for ease in carrying and pouring
  • Plug-saver screen to retrieve drain plug
  • Made of tough, high-density resin
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Model No.: 118374MI
  • Shipping Weight (in pounds): 1.4
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 16.25 x 16.0 x 23.0
  • Assembled in Country of Origin: USA
  • Origin of Components: USA

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  • OilyMess
    Horrible Mess!!!!

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 03.11.2015


    I spent $7.00 for the pan and about $57.00 cleaning up the filthy mess it made. Horrible design!!! It is ABS plastic... it cannot be that difficult to mold with modern mold injection. Walmart should remove this from their inventory and get a refund from the manufacturer!!! There was oil everywhere!!!! It leaks bad , this after ensuring the cap was on tight. Ended up having to get a 5 gallon bucket to put the thing in to transport the tablespoon of oil to local auto shop (this is what was left after the oil leaking everywhere). Walmart do the right thing and remove this from your inventory!!!

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  • Brian0918
    Leaked oil all over the garage

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 09.16.2013


    What a terrible product. The screw-on cap on the side came loose, maybe due to pressure buildup, and all the oil leaked out all over the garage. What a huge mess!

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  • Scubioewifhnioewfnhioewhf
    This is JUNK

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 10.06.2013


    I gave it a shot because Walmart really had limited options. I have used it once and found I needed a funnel so oil didn't go all over the place. The plastic that sits in the middle and you are supposed to set the filter on just falls in - ridiculous! The drain cap split and I've only used this once!!!!! This thing is the worst piece of junk! Do not buy. I used it today for the second time, it will be going in th trash after recycling the oil!

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  • cheetahws
    Worst oil pan I have ever used.

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 05.28.2013


    Did 1 oil change with this pan and I will not be using it to do another. It leaks, the threads are a pain to get started and it leaks. Did an oil change, dumped the oil and it sat in garage for months and now I have a huge stain on my garage floor, and yes I did wipe down the pan before I left it in the corner waiting for the next oil change.

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  • GKnoxville
    Don't waste your money

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 12.29.2013


    I've bought 2 of these, hoping that the problems with the first one were a fluke. They weren't. I had the same problems as the other reviews on here. This thing leaks badly, both at the drain on the side, and the top cap. Also, the screen under the top cap is so flimsy that it falls into the oil if you set a filter on it - or even if you bump it wrong. And using it to drain a filter is the only reason it's there.

    The drain cap on the side is simply horrible. The threads don't match the body of the pan, so it always feels like it's cross-threading when you put it on. It doesn't screw down flat, so it will leak, every time.

    I really can't believe Walmart continues to sell this. The leaks are bad enough to really mess up your garage floor if it sets for my than 10 minutes with oil in it. And you need to set it in a pan to catch the oil when transporting it to dump the oil or it will mess up your vehicle. Don't even think about putting it in a car, the back of a pickup (in a pan) is the only way to transport it.

    Trust me on this - spend a buck more and buy the 15 quart model.

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  • An anonymous customer
    Worm farm

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 08.25.2014


    All the people that bought this are using it wrong, that's why they leave bad comments.

    This item is used to make a close-able hole in a worm farm. Cut the bottom off, and screw the top with lid onto a bigger container, Able to unscrew the lid and dig out the worm castings.
    Or could use for similar projects.
    At $7, it's a good value. Other pieces I've looked at, Viking porthole for sail boats, @ $13, for a 6" I'd rater buy this.

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  • Rick
    Good value for the price!

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 02.12.2015


    It worked good for what I needed for the price I paid for it. To the negatives idiots: 1.) learn to READ & FOLLOW DIRECTIONS, and 2.) You Get What You Pay For. Pay 5X the price and you'll get one that has a top that seals and a cap on the spout that won't break so easily.

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  • chanok
    Auto parts

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 06.23.2015


    Is a geat item

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  • cooldad2351

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 08.03.2015


    Worked great, just the right size

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  • Hewster
    Very poor design

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 01.11.2015


    Screen which is supposed to hold filter and small parts falls in most every tIme and cap does it seal well. Finally gave up and tossed it. Hard to believe this could be so poorly designed.

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  • ReviewMonster
    Understand How to Use it Properly

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 05.18.2015


    1) Go to store, purchase this oil drain pan
    2) Bring home, place directly in garbage can
    3) Go to store, and buy a real oil drain pan

    This thing will leak like you wouldn't believe. Does not seal, in any way whatsoever.

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  • dongoni
    UNBELIEVABLY poorly made!

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 06.03.2015


    Okay I admit it I bought a second one of these thinking that the first one's failure was just a fluke and since there was not a similarly sized oil container I could find. So the first one had the cap crack at the top and the second one just plain split and leaked all over my garage floor. It's inconceivable that a company would make something so cheap that holds a fluid you DON'T want getting all over.

    It's not an exaggeration to say that the average twist off cap for a bottle of orange juice is 100x more durable than the caps on these lousy containers.

    DO NOT buy this!!

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  • cjp1357

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 08.18.2012


    This item is a piece of garbage. It was only used once and the drain cap broke in two. Also the top does not seal well at all. On the way to the recycle center it leaked like a sieve. I returned it to the store and told them low quality it is.

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  • sunglasses516

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 09.29.2012


    I have tried this item out twice because I thought the first time was just an anomaly. However, this item DOES NOT live up to its description... so here's what it should really say for the description:

    "This RhinoGear 10-Qt Oil Drain Pan makes for [VERY MESSY] oil changes. Built-in handgrips provide ease in carrying and pouring when recycling. There is a plug-saver screen to retrieve the drain plug [AFTER EACH FALL INTO THE CONTAINER BECAUSE THE DRAIN IS SO FLIMSY]. This drain pan is made of [NICE MATERIAL THAT DOESN'T CONTAIN THE USED OIL]."

    All in all, the drain pan DID NOT contain the used motor oil. The top lid and side spout DID NOT SEAL correctly thus leaking USED MOTOR OIL in my vehicle during transportation. I am VERY displeased that Walmart would stock an item that truly DOES NOT WORK. Who is going to pay to clean my car now? RIDICULOUS!


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  • backseatshopper

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 09.21.2012


    piece of junk,it is already thin plastic, add warm motor oil to it, it gets even worse, once the oil starts,draining into the pan,the so call screene normally will fall into the pan, do not even think about setting the filter on the screen for it to drain, the drain cap does not screw on tight it leaks, done used it twice it makes a big mess,taking garbage off tomar, this will be included, first thing i load up and the first thing i throw unload, i would be ashame to make a product this sorry

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  • Pdaddy1414
    very dependable

    5 out of 5, reviewed on 06.01.2013


    As soon as i got this product i filled it with some oil and kinda made a mess around the rim, I am a disabled veteran with bad hands, so anyway i closed up the drain pan and took it inside my house to clean up the rim. Sure enough, as I knew from my military days, I dropped it in my kitchen. It landed on one of it's corners and bounced around. Huah!! No mess!! Now that is what I call very dependable.

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  • vrytired
    I would have paid money to not have bought it.

    1 out of 5, reviewed on 06.23.2013


    Worked well at first, but shortly after first use the drain cap cracked in half. The manufacturer sent me a 2 free replacements, which was nice but proved to be inadequate. The first replacement did not fit. The second replacement did. However high temperatures warped it and caused it to crack and leak. Made a mess...

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  • lyes
    Its been working perfectly for me for over decade.

    4 out of 5, reviewed on 08.14.2013


    I do not agree with bad reviews.

    Foremost, this pan is great for changing oil or any fluid with less than 10 quarts.

    Secondly, the pan does not leak. If you overtorque the spout cap, the cap will split in half and it will leak from the split spout cap. All RhinoGear drain pans and containers have the same style spout cap, no matter what size of the container. DO NOT OVERTORQUE CAP AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE THIS ISSUE.

    This pan is designed to be transported horizontally. If you attempt to WRONGLY transport this pan vertically, it will leak from the drain top. Top does not seal for vertical transportation. Spout cap seals. This is indicated on the actual top and label. It tells you not to transport vertically. Top is for draining oil and closing pan for horizontal transportation only. IT DOES NOT SEAL FOR VERTICAL TRANSPORTATION!

    Thirdly, the "plug saver" screen that is used to drain oil out of oil filter works properly if you wait until the oil filter cools down before placing it on top of screen. The screen is very thin plastic and hot oil will ruin the screen by reducing the size and making it fall into the pan of oil. Wait until filter cools off to place it on top of screen and you won't have screen issue.

    I have owned this pan for over 10 years and had no issues. I just replaced it with a new one. Difference from my 10 year old container and this new one are the top drain cap and spout cap are now green and not yellow. That's it. It works the same.

    Let's recap: Do not drain warm/hot oil with screen in place. Wait for oil filter to cool off before installing screen to top and placing oil filter on top. When you transport to recycler, transport it horizontally. Do not overtorque spout cap. If you do the aforementioned, you will not have any issues. Bottom-line, you get two containers out of this 10 quart drain pan. You get a drain pan and a transport container in one. If you prefer an open drain pan and a separate transport container to transport to recycler, I suggest you get 7-quart FloTool open drain pan (it has drain scale) and 12-quart RhinoGear Oil Disposal Can for transportation. They are both available at Walmart and are very cheap. Otherwise, this pan is a good 2 in 1 deal.

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