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Valor Athletics Valor Athletic WB-10 10lb Wall Ball - Black

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Done right, wall balls are a great all-around conditioning movement- Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, your shoulders pulled back and down, and a medicine ball held at chest height with your elbows under the ball- When you descend into the wall ball squat, the idea is to get proper depth the same way you would with a back squat- Keep your weight over your heels with your knees tracking your toes, and aim to lower the crease of your hips below your knees- Make sure to hold the ball at chest height throughout the downward movement, as letting it dip will cause you to round your back and shift your weight forward- Drive through your heels on the way up, using hip action to throw the ball into the wall- Catch it on the rebound, squat again, and repeat for reps- Wall Balls Sold Individually:- WB-6 6lb- WB-10 10lb- WB-14 14lb- WB-18 18lb- WB-25 25lb- UPC:- 844192004008 WB-6- 844192004015 WB-10- 844192004022 WB-14- 844192004039 WB-18- 844192004046 WB-25- Shipped Weight & Dimensions:- WB-6 6Lbs- 14''L x 14''W x 14''L- WB-10 10Lbs- 14''L x 14''W x 14''L- WB-14 14Lbs- 14''L x 14''W x 14''L- WB-18 18Lbs- 14''L x 14''W x 14''L- WB-25 25Lbs- 14''L x 14''W x 14''L- SKU: VLA185


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